Swine Flu?

“The LORD will strengthen him on his bed of illness; You will sustain him on his sickbed.”  Psalm 41:3

Our house has been more like a hospital than a home for the last week.  The day after my husband left for an overseas business trip, my oldest daughter started to feel sick.  One by one, each of the other children also came down with the bug.  We haven’t been to the doctor, but the symptoms very closely match swine flu.  (Doctors aren’t testing for it anymore, anyway – just diagnosing by symptoms.)  We’ve run the gamut from fairly mild cases to delirium and difficulty breathing.  On several occasions over the weekend, I thought I was going to have to take my asthmatic 13 year-old to the hospital, but calls to his pulmonolgist, a prescription for prednisone, and numerous breathing treatments allowed us to say home.  I am very thankful for hospitals, but they are also a good place to pick up new bugs!

There was one night when I had beds set up in the living room for all but my oldest 2 (who were feeling better), and I dosed when I could – sitting up in my computer chair!   Thankfully, I have either not gotten the bug or it has been very mild.  The times when I have felt sick could easily be attributed to exhaustion, since I’ve been surviving on strong, hot coffee.  And I’m even more thankful that the baby (who just turned 3 months) has not been very sick.  She’s had some minor congestion and coughing, but so far no fever.

We’re not over this yet, as I still have boys who are doing more sleeping and coughing than anything else, and one is suffering from an ear infection.  This bug comes in stages and has definite ups and downs.  Even those who are feeling better are still weak and exhausted.  To top it off, I found out that if it is H1N1,  the contagious period is up to 10 days from the first symptoms.  We have had to cancel a visit from DH’s 85 year-old mother this coming weekend.  She hasn’t seen the children for 4 years, and hasn’t even met the youngest 2, but we certainly don’t want to expose her to the bug.  And now we need to decide whether or not DH comes home tomorrow when he returns to the states.  Thanks to the economy, he no longer gets sick pay, so he has no time to be sick!  😉

Through all the concerns in caring for my children, it has been a comfort to know that the Lord has been watching over us and caring for us.  During those times when I was having to make difficult decisions on the best way to care for them, I was very aware of the Lord directing me and helping me to think clearly.  It was He who gave me the strength to keep going when I felt like I was going to drop, and He who has been bringing each one safely through this sickness, swine flu or not!

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  • Jude says:

    Wow, it certainly sounds like you’ve had your hands full and thank God he’s been there for you through all of this. I certainly hope things will start easing up. Thankfully we haven’t been touched by the flu, either type. Hopefully you will be able to get some much needed rest.

  • Katherine says:

    It is such a terrible bug… my son got it, then it turned to pneumonia. Even after an antibiotic he still has a terrible cough… so much school missed too. I will pray your baby stays healthy healthy healthy…. and that YOU get some sleep!

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