$3 off a 6 pack of Zevia!

I just came across this link for $3 off a 6-pack of Zevia and printed the allowed 2 coupons, and then thought I’d share it with you!  This is NOT an affiliate link, and I don’t receive any compensation for sharing it, but the coupon is too good to keep it to myself!

Our family is planning to travel across the country to see extended family in a few weeks, and I’m planning to take these coupons with me to use for when we have 24 people getting together for Thanksgiving.  🙂

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Zevia?  😉  I think my favorite is the Grapefruit, followed closely by Orange, Twist, Mountain Zevia, Ginger Ale, Ginger Root Beer, Cola, Dr. Zevia, Grape, and Vanilla Creme!  What is your favorite?

Oh, you can still get a case of Twist from Amazon for only $18.56, too.  The price listed is $21.83, but you get an additional 15% off if you sign up for Subscribe & Save. I have no idea how long that deal will last, so get it while you can!

I can’t get the above links to work in my feed, but they seem to be working in the post itself.  If anyone knows how to fix this, I’d be delighted if you would let me know! 

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