Book Review: The Grace Effect


The Grace Effect, How the Power of One Life Can Reverse the Corruption of Unbelief by Larry Alex Taunton was not at all what I was expecting.  Frankly, I was expecting a somewhat dry theology book, but that is not the case at all!  This is a combination biography of a child’s adoption from the Ukraine, apologetics book, and engaging treatise on the power of grace all in one.

Far from struggling to get through the book, I was fascinated from beginning to end.  Taunton details the excitement, drama, and the frustration of endless, needless bureaucratic  delays (necessitating bribes or “gifts”) of his family’s adoption of 10 year-old Sasha.  Woven into the story are the astonishing (to those of us in the United States) facts of the every-man-for-himself mentality of the communist countries.  Taunton ties all of this together with a very compelling argument that the reason for the difference between these countries of atheist persuasions and a country founded on Christian principles is the Grace Effect.

This book would be good for high schoolers on up.  Although there are a lot of statistics given, and the book covers history, apologetics, and current events, it is not at all stuffy.  I found myself wanting to share several tidbits as I read.

My biggest complaint is that the book ended too soon.  After falling in love with this little girl and rooting for her as it seemed the Ukrainian adoption processes were designed for failure, I wasn’t ready to say “goodbye”!  I would have loved to have gotten more than just a few tidbits of how she adapted to life here in the United States, and would be happy to someday read a sequel to The Grace Effect.

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