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Task Lists

Posted by: Bethin Home Management, Time Management

Almost 17 years ago, my husband’s company sent him to a Franklin Time Management seminar where he learned to use the Franklin Planner.  He was so impressed by it that he came home and told me that he wanted me to use the spouse discount and go to one myself.  Believe it or not, I was able to go with my 6 week-old infant!

We have used the planner off and on through the years, but the paper planner eventually became less useful to my husband and I had a problem with carrying yet another item with me in addition to everything moms need with them.  😉  We looked for a software program that would work and explored PDAs.  By this time, Franklin had become Franklin-Covey, and their product line had changed.  My husband bought the Franklin-Covey Time Management software, but it wasn’t right for him.  I started to use it and loved it, but I didn’t have a way to take it with me.  I found a used, outdated Palm PDA for $30, so I was able to sync with the desktop.  More recently, we both upgraded our cell phones to Palm Centros.

To my frustration, my Franklin-Covey software doesn’t sync with the Palm task list.  Franklin was  a pioneer in the PDA world with the Palm Pilots, so you would think they would sync the basic functions!  I found a 3rd party application, but it is kludgy, at best.  Last week, I realized that, since I always have my phone with me, I can just use the built-in task list without worrying about syncing.  I’m hoping that it will help me do a better job of getting the basics done!

What tools do you find useful for keeping you on task?