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Well-baby Checkups

Posted by: Bethin Babies, Mothering

I apologize to those who tried to visit in the last 24 hours and were unable to do so.  For some reason, my data server was down, and I was completely blocked out of my blogs last night.  Thankfully, an email to my hosting service got me back up and running today.

When I was a brand new mom 19 years ago, I had my baby in for her checkups on the exact day that she turned 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, etc.  By the time I had the next baby, I realized that it wasn’t critical that the schedule for checkups be quite so precise.  😉  As time went on, it also became more apparent to me that my little ones usually picked up germs at the doctor’s office, and I was even less ready to take them to frequent appointments.  From my 6th baby on, I have taken them for their first few checkups to make sure they were growing well, and from then on I pretty much take them only when they are sick and need to go.  We delay immunizations, so there’s no need to be following the infant vaccination schedule.

Today, I took my baby in for her 4-month checkup.  It just so happens that she turned 5 months today.  🙂  She laughed and cooed at the nurse practitioner and just generally made everyone smile.  😉  I was delighted to find out that my little one has gained enough weight to take her from just barely falling into the 10th percentile to almost making the 25th percentile!  I really wasn’t worried, because it is very apparent that she is happy, healthy, and a little chubby, but it is always nice to have “official” confirmation.

Do you take your babies in for all of their well-baby checkups on time, or are you more relaxed about it?