Archive for January 17th, 2010

I have neglected to post on how the Eat from the Pantry Challenge has been going for me this month.  I inventoried the food we have in the house and discovered that we have about 6 weeks worth of main dishes to choose from!  However, we eat a LOT of fresh produce.  In fact, produce is the major portion of our grocery budget.  We also order every 2 or 3 months from a company that sells discounted foods by the case, and this happens to be one of the months that our group is ordering.  Because the foods available to order change constantly, it is important to order foods that I know our family uses when they are available.

Based on that, I’m planning to spread out my challenge over 2 months.  My goal for this month and next is to spend less than 2/3 of what we normally spend.  I am placing the order for the discounted foods, but I plan to not even open the boxes of dry goods until the pantry is more bare.  I have more than one freezer, and one is almost empty.  I plan to defrost and clean one of them this week, and the frozen goods we get with our order will go into that freezer while we focus on emptying the other.

So far, I am on track with my goal of spending less than 2/3 of what we normally spend!