Archive for January 21st, 2010

After posting about deciding to use my Palm Centro for my Task Lists, I found using it to manage my tasks to be very effective.  I have been going through some health problems which have left my short-term memory very lacking, but if I put a task right into my Centro, the task would get done.  However, I spilled coffee on my Centro about a week and a half ago.  I took the battery out immediately, but the coffee had gotten INTO the screen and took over a week to dry.  Because the coffee had milk in it, I was really afraid the touchscreen would be history.  Tuesday night my husband took the phone apart to see if he could clean it up, but the coffee had actually gone inside the sealed screen piece.  It obviously wasn’t liquid tight!  There was no sign of the coffee anywhere else – I don’t know how it managed to go right into the one place we couldn’t clean up.

We didn’t have much hope of the phone being any good anymore, and I was prepared to buy a new one off of eBay.  However, after my husband put the phone back together, he put the battery in and it powered right up.  Amazingly, the touch screen still works perfectly!  It’s not pretty, but I am just thankful to have a working Centro again.  🙂  I can put up with the messy screen for another year until we’re eligible for our “new every two” phone upgrade.

Meanwhile,  I am relieved to have my brain back.  😉  Things were slipping through the cracks pretty badly during the time I couldn’t use the Centro.  I’m also thankful to have my qwerty keyboard back.  I temporarily went back to my old phone so that I would still be able to be in touch with my family if I was out.  It is just a plain-jane phone with a regular number pad, and texting is a royal pain on it!  I didn’t do any more texting than I had to when I was using the old phone, but I find it to be a real time-saver at times and am thankful to have the qwerty keyboard back.

It might seem like a “minor” thing, but I’m glad to have my mp3 player back, too.  I’m able to listen to podcasts on the go without headphones.  This means I can listen in my car.  I have an older, no-frills vehicle which only as radio.  It doesn’t even have a cassette player that I can plug an adapter into to listen to CDs or mp3s.   With my Centro, however, I have a mobile player that doesn’t require headphones.

Can you tell I’m delighted to have my Centro working again?  🙂  Do you have something that you use to keep you on track?  Have you ever felt lost when you didn’t have it for some reason?